Home Selling Tips

Sometimes it’s the little things that count the most with buyers. Having enough electrical outlets or phone jacks, having a garden space in which to grow vegetables even for non-gardeners, or just the ability to easily slide a door open and closed when you want to step onto the patio are examples of what a buyer might feel is important.

If your home doesn’t include these items, think about how easy it would be to add them in. How easy would it be to clean out the tracks on the sliding patio door and add a few new parts so it glides along when opened and closed? These are simply examples of what you might consider when fixing up your house before you put it out on the market.You can get additional information at We buy houses Ohio .

Things that today’s buyers want and need are not just luxury items. Some of them are plain necessities. Without adequate outlets and electrical service available for the glut of electronic devices and chargers most of us seem to have, the sale could die a quick death. The ability to install the most common flat screen TV and all of the speakers and add-ons will seem like ordinary orders to the buyer who owns and uses those items.

Modern heating and cooling systems are also important. It may have been acceptable to run natural gas heating through the 2 story house and basement when gas was reasonably priced. With today’s prices, though, consumers are far more conscious of the cost of staying comfortable. In some old houses the hot water radiators are part of the charm, but if you leave them in make sure you have an alternative heating source installed with ductwork. Only the most hardy of rehabilitators will be willing to buy an older home for its built in charm and be prepared to rip out all the old systems in favor of new ones. It’s quite expensive and it can be too long before you find a buyer willing to do that.

If your house is fairly new it won’t be hard to accommodate these needs as your house probably already has most of them installed. In an older house, no matter how charming, be prepared to either update the systems or perhaps you’ll be able to offer the buyers a credit on the purchase price in your terms so they can get the work done if they buy the house.